Human Resources

Partner with our business leaders to:

  • Create and sustain business growth and competitive advantage with people,
    organizations, systems and culture
  • Preserve a value-driven, principle-based core
  • Leverage the strengths of “Build from within” system

Roles of HR

Strategic Partner:We work with business leaders to develop and deploy business strategies to the organization.

Change Agent:We help line management in preparing their organization to deal with change, which is the main constant in a very competitive global marketplace.

Employee Champion:We work with line management to increase the employee`s capability and commitment to the Company.

Administrative Expert:We ensure that the programs designed to attract and retain our employees are executed in a high quality and “zero defect” manner.

Professional career development

Opportunities in HR

Associate HR Manager:Responsible for supporting one or more specific core HR systems and processes at the corporate level or in a site.

HR Manager :Responsible for leading one or more specific core HR system and processes at the corporate level. Responsible for leading the HR function in a small independent site.

Senior HR Manager:Responsible for leading a big plant or a business unit or geographic area. Responsible
for leading two or more core HR systems and processes.

Associate HR Director:Responsible for leading HR in a big geographic area that may include multiple
sites or several business units. Responsible for leading a wide group of HR core systems.

HR Director:Responsible for leading Greater China HR organization, setting HR direction and priorities
for the Company.

It is important to note that location flexibility may be required in Greater China (e.g. Hong Kong to
China, Taiwan to China, and Guangzhou to Beijing) and International assignment opportunities
(in many P&G locations) may be available at various levels in HR. marketplace