Have you ever imagined managing an international leading brand? Are you
prepared to take challenges and make your work creative and exciting?

P&G Marketing is a global community of the world’s best Brand Builders and
Business Leaders. We are dedicated to growing Brand and Category share leadership,
and to empower our succeeding generations to do the same. In short, we are passionate
about building Brands that last forever.
Join the winning team of P&G Marketing! The job is frequently glamorous and highly strategic.
This is the place where global leading brands are being built and promoted, and this is where
you will undergo the transformation from a fresh graduate to global leader.

Marketing Core Skills

  • General Business Leadership – create and deliver winning business strategies based on superior understanding of the consumer, customer and competitive environment.
  • Marketing Functional Mastery – Create consumer / shopper / influencer-inspired marketing strategies, and develop / execute superior, efficient marketing plans.
  • Organizational Leadership / Leveraging – Collaborate with, influence and lead direct reports, teams /peers, and the broader organization to deliver business and marketing objectives.

Professional career development opportunities in MKT

Assistant Brand Manager
Develops skills in brand strategy and marketing plan development, advertising, Public Relations,
consumer bonding, direct marketing and project management. Brand Manager
Takes the full responsibility for volume and profit of a brand, and leads a brand group to
develop and deploy the brand strategy and plans in all aspects.

Associate Marketing Director / Marketing Director
Takes tremendous responsibilities in one or more categories.
Our Marketers will also find career choices that focus on Marketing Expertise – e.g.
advertising development, media, corporate marketing, knowledge creation & integration,
etc. Eventually your superior leadership and great achievement can take you to broader
responsibilities as a General Manager and you can be in charge of the organization
to manage national or even global P&G businesses!